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Rocky Mountain Tree Festival

For over a decade we have provided the Colorado front range with outstanding service in painting, roofing, and windows. With thousands of happy clients and a strong commercial and multifamily presence we knew we were at the right point to create a community service program. We felt this would be a way to give back to the community and businesses that have supported us throughout our many years in business. As a Colorado based company we consider ourselves lucky to not only serve this community but to call it home.

In December of 2015 we developed the idea for a community outreach program that would make an impact on the Colorado landscape. With the outdoors being something we all treasure, we decided to focus our energy on projects that would impact the environment. Thus, The Rocky Mountain Tree Festival was born . June of 2016 marked our first event in Drake, CO. Due to the catastrophic floods that occurred in September of 2013 the north fork of the Big Thompson River was left devastated and in need of massive rehabilitation. We teamed up with the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and in a few short months put together an all day event. At 7:00 AM we gathered with the goal to plant 3,000 trees along the Big Thompson River.

In true Vivax Pros fashion, 120 volunteers showed up on time, ready to get their hands dirty. We attacked the task with such intensity that we not only hit our goal of planting 3,000 trees, we actually exceeded it planting 4,500 trees in the span of a single day! Afterwards we gathered at the River Forks Inn for food and drinks donated by Weldworks and Oskar Blues while local bands performed on the stage we custom built for the venue. Jilian and Bill Nershi of String Cheese came out to show their support along with Jaden Carlson Band. For many here at Vivax Pros this was a powerful moment and created memories we won't soon forget. It was amazing to see a community and a company come together to do something so important and impactful. The success of the first Rocky Mountain Tree Festival has laid the ground work to continue to make an impact in our community and for Colorado.

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