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BBB Torch Award Winner

Something that has been a driving force for Vivax Pros from the beginning was the opportunity to do something good for the industry. We didn't want to be "just another contracting company". We chose to shake up the industry with the goal to be the most ethical company in our field. This year we were lucky enough to receive the BBB Torch Award for Ethics, something our leader, Jeremiah Owen, has wanted since he started Vivax Pros so many years ago. Jeremiah doesn't take credit for this award though, instead he passes that praise onto his devoted team.

Jeremiah has always believed that the best investment you can make is in the people you work with and that holds true to this day. Without the talented and passionate individuals that make up this outstanding team none of this would have been accomplished. The BBB Torch Award holds companies to the highest standard and requires you to have a proven track record of being trustworthy, impactful, and acting with integrity. This is easier said than done but here at Vivax Pros we live by those values.

Thank you so much to the 2016 team for making this huge accomplishment happen. We look forward to upholding these standards for the Colorado community and continuing these practices.

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